Formula Kentucky



Brakes: Willwood GP200 Calipers

 BSCD: 67mm / 42.5 mm / 4 cyl / 599 cc

Cooling: Water Cooled Single Radiator

Drive: Chain Drive LSD 

Electronics: Haltech Standalone ECU 

Engine: Honda CBR600RR 

FR/RR: 1143 mm / 45 in 

Frame: Carbon Steel Space Frame 

Fuel System: Fuel Injected 

Fuel Type: 93 Octane

Material: AISI 1010 Steel

OLHW: (2642 mm / 104 in)L, (1334 mm / 52.5 in)L, (1181 mm / 46.5 in)W 

Suspension: Pull Rod SLA Tire: 18.0″ x 7.5″, Hoosier R25B Unique Features: Electronic Shifting 

Weight: 504 lbs

 Wheelbase: 1600mm / 63 in

About FK02

FK02 was the second competition vehicle created by the Formula Kentucky Team.  FK02 followed much of the same design philosophy of FK01 however it made many refinements.  These refinements included upgrades to the engine management system, ergonomics and suspension.  The team put a heavy focus on using data acquisition and simulation to drive design choices.  FK02 also incorporated a vehicle sensor package as well as the Haltech Elite 1500 ECU. FK02 showed a reduction in vehicle size and weight, a lower center of gravity and decreased rotational mass.

FK02: highlights