Formula Kentucky

Formula Kentucky is the University of Kentucky’s Formula SAE Team. We are a student operated organization whose goal is to engineer and fabricate a small formula style open-wheeled race car. Our current focus is on the design of our next car, FK04, which will hopefully compete at FSAE Michigan in the Spring of 2021. We plan to freeze our designs and begin manufacturing late this fall, then begin testing the following spring.

We have a large engineering team, totaling more than 50 members within 5 different subsystems that focus on different aspects designing of the car. At competition we put our car through various trials including: acceleration, skidpad, autocross, and endurance. We also present our designs to industry experts for a scored review. In addition to the engineering aspect of the team we also have a business case presentation that is applied in our final competition score. We have a functioning business team that organizes competition logistics, plans team events, and obtains sponsorships.


E-Day 2020

Engineering Day is hosted every year by the College of Enginnering at the University of Kentucky. For the past 5 years we have been inivited to talk about our club and show off our car. This year was no diffrent as we brought out FK03 and were able to have young children sit in the car and then we started it up for the crowd to hear. It was overall a very succesful day and we look forward to doing it again next year. 

Spring Test Days

The first test day of the semester took place on 15th of February. The team got several hours of testing in and the car ran with minimal troubles. We were able to reward four of our hardest working members with seat time in FK03. Unfortunately, the day ended prematurely when the rear chassis bar bent due to fatigue and improper support. This issue was fixed with further reinforcement of the rear chassis member thanks to some very hard work from our Chassis Subsystem members.

On march 1st we held our most extensive test day to date with an estimated 25 miles on the car in a single day. We faced no major mechanical issues and gathered a lot of good information from the car. The only issue we faced was overheating, which we are attempting to remedy by testing different radiator setups. Overall, our spring testing is going phenomenally thus far.

Our last test day before spring break is on March 8th to test four difffent radiators. 

Formula SAE/Formula Student World Rankings

Each year Formula Student compiles a World Ranking for Formula SAE teams based on the teams improvement from the previous year, their performance in the competition(s) they attended that year, and the level of competition faced at the competition(s).