Formula Kentucky

Formula Kentucky is the University of Kentucky’s Formula SAE Team. We are a student operated organization whose goal is to engineer and fabricate a small formula style open-wheeled race car. Our current focus is on the manufacturing and testing of our latest car, FK04, which will hopefully compete at FSAE Michigan in the Spring of 2021.

We have a large engineering team, totaling more than 50 members within 5 different subsystems that focus on different aspects designing of the car. At competition we put our car through various trials including: acceleration, skidpad, autocross, and endurance. We also present our designs to industry experts for a scored review. In addition to the engineering aspect of the team we also have a business case presentation that is applied in our final competition score. We have a functioning business team that organizes competition logistics, plans team events, and obtains sponsorships.


New Members!

Interested Members! We are still accepting engineering majors until March 10th and all other majors are open to join anytime! Stop by our meeting (or join virtually) to check us out. See our 'Join Our Team' tab for more information! 

Spring 21' Interest Meeting

Wednesday Feburary 10th, Whitehall room 118 from 7-8pm. Join our members Wednesday evening for our big kickoff event! Welcome to all majors and grade levels, we will have our leads and team captain discussing what it means to be on the team. We will discuss the upcoming formula SAE season, normal club expectations, goals and highlights as well as any questions you might have. We have a virtual option for this event, if you wish to attend the event please contact our business lead or team captain for our RSVP link as there is a limit for those who can attend. For the virtual zoom link reach out to the same people! We hope to see you there! GO CATS! 

Design Freeze

On October 25th our team reached our design freeze for our new car FK04. This deadline represents the compeltion of all our desings and models for the car. The following two weeks have consisted of reviews and discussions to fine tune everything. Starting today we begin manufacturing FK04. Working through winter break our projected end date is March 7th before we begin test driving. Stay up to date with our newsletters by emailing to request to join our mailing list OR follow us on facebook & Instagram @FormulaKentucky