Formula Kentucky

Formula Kentucky is the University of Kentucky’s Formula SAE Team. We are a student-operated organization whose goal is to engineer and fabricate a small formula-style open-wheeled race car. Our current focus is on the testing of our latest car, FK05, which competed at FSAE Michigan in May of 2023, and the development of our newest car, FK06.

We have a large engineering team, totaling nearly 50 members across 5 different subsystems that focus on designing different aspects of the car. At competition, we put our car through various trials including acceleration, skid-pad, autocross, and endurance. We also present our designs to industry experts for a scored review. In addition to the engineering aspect of the team, we also have a business case presentation that is applied to our final competition score. Our business subsystem organizes competition logistics, plans team events, obtains sponsorships, and manages business-related aspects of the team as a whole. 






Formula Kentucky and SCCA

Learn about Formula Kentucky members' participation in SCCA autocross events right here in Lexington! Explore their experiences and discover more about our sponsor, CKRSCCA!

FK06 February Newsletter

Our Spring 2024 Newsletter is out and has lots of great updates on our manufacturing of FK06. Click here to view and email us at to receive the next one!

Formula Kentucky and SCCA

Formula Kentucky members getting involved in SCCA autocross events here in Lexington! Read about their experiences and our sponsor, CKRSCCA!